The First 2 Weeks

Week 1

The Week, my first week back at training for the next 9 months is done.

Tuesday morning the 28/05 training day 1 the start of the Journey. 5:30am training session 3.4km swim. Great start for my road to Rotto

Tuesday Night Steak Night, Love my homemade chips, as I go on more into the season I will talk more about food and eating. This will be the good and bad as I am still learning a lot in this space. I plan to do more homework over the night few months to master the eating and training plan. I will still have the odd cheat day that we won’t tell Coach about 👍.

Wednesday morning the long drive as I have my hour of power Wednesday Night. Another early morning as I drive across the city to park the car at the train station close to the pool ready for the arvo session. 3.1km hour of power bit of spice in the middle to get the blood flowing great set at a lovely pool. Wednesday’s training lessons don’t question the coach or you wear two bands instead of one. One on the knees, one on the ankles that was not fun.

The slog, the Aussie life, there are a lot of workers in WA and around Australia that experience the FIFO life style so not an uncommon thing here trying to balance the work life/ training life. Thursday morning a 3:50am wake up and off to the airport, ya work time! Flying to the Pilbara for 2 days for work. A big drain on the body but great weather up north, a chance to get away from the cold mornings for the 2 days. Ready and fresh for the early start Saturday.


So after a very tough week with work and the body having a breakdown I was not out of bed in time to go to the pool. It is a long weekend in Perth so try get a break and re-charge the batteries ready for the next week of swimming. So Sunday mornings are usually a different location to change it up and have a bit of fun, try to get an open water swim in. As I was still not feeling great and there was a team Wine and Cheese night on Saturday…. I was not at the Sunday morning swim. I will keep you posted on the Sunday morning swims the different locations. The freezing water and a lot more. Looking forward to updating you all about my Road to Rotto.

Week 2


Not a great start to week two so I really need to regroup early and get back into it. Swimming this fortnight needs to lift, Monday was a public holiday and I have been very drained and tired of lately so I will work through the week and see how I go.

Tuesday and Wednesday nothing to report on swimming for this week, one of the squad members informed me that I need to go swimming if I want a swimming Blog. So I really look forward to the next Fortnight to report my swimming too you.

Back up to the lovely Pilbara Thursday and Friday.

Saturday the 9th June

3km of Hell, after a very tough two weeks of work, feeling very drained and fatigued. I pushed through the set to see the finish line. Ya that is a Wrap for the first 2 weeks of training a lot of work ahead of me.

So 2 weeks down on my journey to Rotto19 and that is not really the start I was hoping for but that is swimming for you. Throw in some work and well. The next couple of months I will be just trying to maintain my current fitness. So I will keep you posted.


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