The Pull Buoy

So still talking gear, I think I will go through from my favourite to my least, as I put together my feedback and thoughts around this. So goggles being the most important and my favourite was the first I wrote about and I hope you enjoyed the read: Goggles my thoughts.

My next favourite toy that has helped me a lot by assisting to get me back into the pool after multiple injuries is the pull buoy. Not enough nice things can be said about this piece of equipment and I would high recommend after bathers and goggles this is the next piece of equipment that you invest in for your training.

Again there are many different designs and there are reasons for that, so have a look and see what you are after. I now run with two different designs, one is the speedo combination design it is a mini kickboard and buoy in one, the other is a smaller no brand pull buoy. 

Back to why the pull buoy is my best friend. For me, having played a lot of contact sports growing up and having lower back dramas from these sports, the pull buoy is great. Taking the pressure off the lower back as you swim. Makes it more comfortable and allows you work on your stroke by lifting the lower back higher out of the water. The pull buoy helps to develop the right practices so you engage your core strength to lift your legs up higher in the water and helps to improve with your kicking. A very important part in swimming.

A pull buoy can also be used to develop strong arms which can provide good upper body strength. Holding it between the thighs helps keep the swimmer’s legs and lower half of the body afloat, and this will allow you to concentrate on building the upper body muscles, more strength in your stroke.

I have also been told that if you are training for triathlons the pull buoy can be used in the pool to give the feel of a wetsuit if you don’t always want to train in one. That is something you would have to ask more about.

The pool buoy can double up as a kickboard too, so it is one of the first pieces of equipment I would recommend you to get.

I hope you are enjoying my posts feel free to message or comment on my blog if there is anything you would like to ask me about.

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