The Toys (data time) Fitness watch

For all the big kids that love there stats like I do.

So there is hundreds of smart phones and watches out there. All telling you there are the best. Our product can track this and that. I am one of those people that say, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Which is why I have followed this path with my devices. I looked around about 6 years ago to see what watch and app best suits my needs as a swimmer and for fitness training. Back then there was not too many smart watches and lucky for me not many that tracked open water swimming.

My first true love (don’t tell the wife) the Garmin Forerunner 910XT Multi-Sport. As a watch this thing was huge and only lasted about a day, did not Bluetooth to your mobile device. About the size of a modern day dive watch. But as a fitness device it was a monster. That much so I only stopped using it in January this year. The watch tracked all sports out doors with GPS tracking technology. Linked with the Garmin app on my IPhone 📱 I could measure distances and times, plus locations, it actually shows a map in the app of the course you ran, swam or rode. You have to download the information from the watch to a desktop or laptop with the Garmin ant tool. This watch was amazing but battery life was an issue, the best I could get out of the watch was about 12 hours for GPS. So need to charge it most days.

Over the next 4 years I tried a few different devices which my wife loved (knowing each year she would get my hand me downs as I upgraded to my new device). The biggest drama I had was my love for open water. Trying to find a smart watch with all the modern technology (touch screen, blue tooth, heart rate, etc) and to be able to track open water swims with GPS was a challenge. From a lot of my research and trails I just kept coming back to Garmin products, one reason was I knew the app and the product. The second being the reviews on Garmin at the time where leading the way.

Watch 2 was the Garmin Vivoactice a full smart watch. Linked to the phone with bluetooth and could receive notifications, text message and emails. Answer phone calls and was a touch screen device. Being bluetooth linked to my phone it would also automatically update on my Garmin app. The watch was unable to track Heart rate with out me needing the Garmin HR band. This was a band you wrapped around your chest. It was also unable to do open water swimming with GPS. This watch was a great device and was reasonably priced at the lower end of the smart watch market. Still having my Forerunner I was able to track my open water swims.

Watch 3 the Garmin Vivoactive HR. This watch was the upgrade from the Vivoactice so you can imagine how excited I was about this watch being released. The biggest change was the introduction of the Heart rate monitor technology on the device I could track my HR live from the watch no more chest band. The watch face design was different too the previous watch this Vivoactice went around the wrist with a better fit. Yet again the product did not track open water swimming with GPS and again I still had to run two device I still couldn’t go without my Forerunner. But the Vivoactice HR had a lot of features out side of swimming the new golf and rowing tracker plus snowboarding, it was an amazing watch. My wife still uses today.

Watch 4 the all in one. My new Garmin Forerunner 935. This is the watch that has now retired my Forerunner. With open water GPS tracking and the inbuilt HR technology this watch does everything in need to track my training. The new 935 is not a touch screen deceive but with the simple design it functions very well as a smart watch. All the modern precs, notifications, HR, multiple sports, music etc, this is a true all in one device. Linked with your Garmin app for automatic updates through Bluetooth and at the lower end of market for cost you can’t go past a look at this Garmin watch. I highly recommend the Garmin 935.

Just remember this is my advice and there are a lot of products out there so remember to have a look around to see what you need for your training goals. Or your life style. I can’t look past Garmin product at the moment as they have meet all my needs over the years and the support from Garmin is second to none. So happy shopping feel free to message back your thoughts.

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