Week 3

Week 3

Two key factors about my training in the lead up to this upcoming session are; firstly I will be swimming through the winter, in the previous years I have swam once maybe twice a month from June to September. This year I am going to aim for 2-4 sessions a week til August and then start the ramp up for the season.

The second is that I am going to focus a lot on my diet this year. I found out last season that this makes a huge difference in your training and rest. I will be working on a meal plan not only to be eating healthy but to work in with my training. I will be eating the right foods at the right time. So I hope to get the most out of my body as I train. I hope you enjoy my meals as much as I will enjoy sharing them.

Tuesday morning

So another 4:40 wake up and off to Bold Park for a lovely 4km session. The main set was very quick and sharp, 5x 200m 5x 100m and 5x 50m. I really Cant seem to work out the 200m hard sets I need to work out the best way to swim them. For a bit of fun the coach had the squad swim as far as they can doing backstroke kick underwater let’s just say I bet she was having a good laugh pool side. So after a lovely day at work I got home and went to unpack the car. To my surprise I was missing my swim gear bag. Not a great way to end the day


Started with internet shopping on the train on the way to work. Managed to replace all my gear for a good price and coach saved the day by getting me a pair of my favourite Fiski Goggles to have at the pool waiting for me ya. So a great start to Wednesday’s hour of power. It was a

killer set but a lot of fun starting with warmup and straight into spirits 50m on the 45 then 40.

400 hard as a team drop the leader style

Dolphin dives with legs tied and a pull Buoy

Finished with a handicapped relay so a lot of fun with the squad that night.


Lucky for me a day trip to Newman so on the later flight a sleeping yep yep out of bed at 4:50am getting home at 2030 that night


The slog a trip to Hedland so in the taxi and too the airport at 4:15am. Landing back in Perth at 7:30pm so hope to get a good night sleep and be up at 6:30 for training Saturday. So one thing I am finding hard early in my training this year is eating right I am working on a meal plan and I am trying to work out the best way to manage it. All trial and error stuff. But with all my flying for work and eating on the run it is hard. I am going to start doing meal prep Sunday as of next weekend so I will keep you posted.


So off to my 7:30 swim set. Saturday morning swims are a lot of fun especially the 7:30 session as the training picks up I will be joining the 5:30 session. But for the 7:30 is good for me to get a little more sleep after travel through the week.

3km great start to the day, I did really struggle in the set just fatigued I think. A really good mixed set. Then the must have coffee with the squad.


Rest day after a hard week of work.

Week 4

Looks like by default Week 4 is going to be a bit of a rest week I am away for work most the week. I will also be attend a mates wedding and found out that the pool is closed for winter. The joys of regional Australia. So I will let you know what happens.

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