Weeks 4/ 5/ 6

So the last few weeks have been long and hard, with not as much swimming as I would like. I have been away a lot with work and only averaged 2 training sessions a week. This isn’t too bad at this time of the season, as I am only trying to maintain my fitness. But I definitely need to be doing more training a week in the coming months.

I was away for a wedding a couple of weeks ago and managed a lovely ocean swim in Exmouth. The water was a little mercy but it was a great swim as the coach says, ” you never regret a swim”. So true.

Still managing to hold an ok pace in the pool which I am happy about just a lot of work required to build up stamina which will come over the next month or two. I managed my first session over 4km on Saturday which was just nice to tick off as it has been awhile since I had done that distance in the one train session.

So in short, I have a long way to go to build up stamina and a lot to work on with stroke technique and strength to get to where I need to be. I know where I am at but I know I still have a lot to do, lucky I have a great group of people around me to help me get there .

So some highlights over the last couple of weeks:

  • Managed a lovely ocean swim in Exmouth an amazing place in Western Australia.
  • Have made my first 5:30am Saturday morning session for the winter 4.5km swim.
  • Haven’t missed a coffee club session yet this winter.
  • 30km swam in the last 3 weeks.

I am hoping this next week will see me in the pool a little more, but with 2-6deg mornings I just hope I will be able to get out of bed. I am really looking forward to the next two months as I start the ramp up and the slog will begin. look forward to the feedback and I hope you are all enjoying the read.  






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