The Year that was

So just looking at registering for my first swim for the 2018/ 2019 season dare to care swim put in link…. and it got me thinking about the 2017/ 2018 swim season. What a season it was the highs the lows and everything in between. I decide to give it a crack last season and It has light a fire in my belly for the up coming swim season.

So how did we go last season. I have posted some of the great experiences from the year. So I joint Ceinwen’s solo squad and wow it changed my life in so many ways. I it will never be the same again, the new swim family, the coffee club , the hard slog and so much more. A brief overview for you:

The long hard hours in the water.

The swim retreat what a great weekend it was

Saturday mornings double sessions

100x 100

Wednesday nights hour of power

The early mornings

The pain, the highs and the lows.

OWS swims the good the bad and the ugly

Shark sightings at training and to Rotto

The horror of the swell Port to Pub 2018

The Good Friday crossing 5:15

3rd at lake Argyle

Wow and so many more I can’t wait to hit 2018/ 2019 season and do it all over again.

But mostly thanks babe For all your on going support couldn’t do it without you. Hope you all enjoy the highlights

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