Week 7/8

So 2 months down of training through winter. I have been thinking about my Blog and thinking about what it is that people want to know about training for these big open water events. I was looking at my previous blogs and asking myself how does that let me know what the training is really like. Yeah it is interesting to see the programs and the distances, listen to me talk about what time it is and where I am. But what is the training like how do I feel. Is that what it is about is that what people want to know.

The last two weeks have be interesting, I thought I was back on track. I hit the pool well week 7. Missed the Tuesday morning swim, But I went after work on the Tuesday night to roll the arms over and get some distance in. I was away for work Wednesday and Thursday, so Friday Arvo I got to do some 800m broken time trials:

  • 8x 100m
  • 4x 200m
  • 2x 400m
  • 1x 800m

So a great main set on Friday and a lot of fun doing this one by myself. Saturday morning I was back with the Squad and did the 5:30am session a nice 5km set which was a mix of 200m Freestyle sets. As always had time with the squad for coffee after the session. So week 7 Saw 12 km. I really love my Fiski Goggles


Week 8 start really badly went down with Man flu. As all men would know man flu is like the flu but just 100 times worst. So this knocked me for six had some time off work and not much time in the water. I missed most the week of training. But as we do, as swimmers we always pick the worst session to go back too. Friday morning I agreed to go for a swim with squad members training for the English Channel crossing. Great Idea NOT!!!

Meet at the Swam River a 6:30 Friday morning a lovely 8 deg outside and a water temp of 14 deg. Conditions I am not use to training in. A nice 2.2km done… WOW what an experience the first 500m was the hardest 500m I have ever swam. The body struggled for a bit to work out what was going on but once up and going I was pretty ok for about the first 1500m, the last 500m I really felt the cold. It is really important that we get use to swimming in these condition before we do the big events.

So my Instagram post new name for Fridays;

Freezing Fridays

“So I decide to join some of my swim squad this morning that are training for the EC crossing. A lovely river swim 10 deg out of water and about 14 deg in water a lovely swim.”

Saturday was a great swim and really just a recovery swim to get me back on track after a week of illness. Worked hard through the session to hold pace and get the distance out. A lot of sprint work with 20x 50m sprints and 100m sprints. Finished the Saturday session to knock out 3.1km. Week 8 finished up with just over 5km for the week. Now I work on getting back on track.


Sunday Morning saw me hang up the swimming cap for the day and grab my Kayak. I got to help out 2 of my swimming family mates. Training for the English Channel, the boys set themselves a 10km challenge in the Swan River. 6:30am start from North Freo to Claremount Jetty. What a great opportunity to see these 2 amazing swimmers smash through 10km in 14 deg water like it was a mid-summer swim. It was a privilege to help these two out in there training. Great stuff Team. So 10km Paddle on Sunday

Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see in my posts as I share my journey to Rotto 19. I want to share the pain, glory and the in-between to give you a full understanding out what it takes to make it to the Island.





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